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Postoperative defects correction is a set of surgical and conservative interventions to eliminate or improve the consequences of surgeries and traumas.

It's not a secret that, unfortunately, many general surgeons treat skin as a package for internal organs. Brilliantly executed operation ends with hasty imposition of gross nodal joints. Subsequently a jagged scar with traces of sutures is formed. The task of plastic surgeon is to solve such problems.

For healing such a wound much more effort of the body is required, thus a rough cord-like scar is formed; this scar will most likely pull the skin surface as it becomes mature. The sutures itself usually leave so-called crosscut suture marks, which further deteriorates both the appearance and the possibility of correction.

Struggling with problems is the task of plastic surgeon. Despite the seeming simplicity of the scars correction operations is not a simple intervention. In the simplest case it’s enough to remove the scar tissue, then to fold and suture the healthy skin tissue. Even this operation will take 20-40 minutes. However, it often happens that in order to relieve the tension from the edge of the wound or to move the scar to a less prominent place requires the usage of highly complex and bulk operations (for example abdominoplasty). Sometimes it is necessary to transform the scar in order to prevent its hypertrophy. It is also possible to reduce the use of liposuction and lipofilling for the augmentation of the soft tissue in the scar area.

Detailed methods for scars correction are described in the article “scars plasty” on the site. A good plastic surgeon has many different methods of scar correction, but the key to success is in the right combination of these methods. It is possible to answer online many of the common questions, but a final decision always requires intramural inspection.


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