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Labia majora or outer lips correction is a surgical or non-surgical interference performed in order to change the volume of the outer lips and sometimes the appearance of pubis.

The increase and decrease of these esthetically important zones are connected with the process of aging and depend on the physique of one particular woman. Significant changes in the appearance of pubis and in the size of the outer lips follow the weight gain in the postpartum period. The lower abdomen fold shifts the pubis down and, along with general obesity, leads to the outer lips sagging. Considerable worsening of the pubic form is visible not only without clothes on, but also in close-fitting clothing, jeans and swimming suits.

In this case the pubic are can be greatly improved with the help of Abdominoplasty, when in addition to pubic skin tightening the liposuction is also performed. This method leads to a substantial rejuvenation of this area.

The opposite situation is less common, but sometimes occurs. Women with aesthetic physique (tall and thin) with aging often lose weight even more, and of course it influences the amount of fat in the labia majora. They become flabby, some wrinkles may appear. Along with the loss of attractiveness, one more problem occurs – the decrease of the so-called “orgasmic limbus” density. This limbus is directly involved in the stimulation of a partner during sexual intercourse together with the vagina muscles. In such a difficult situation lipofilling can be used, but in this group of patients it is impossible to find even a small amount of fat to use for this operation. In this case fillers based on hyaluronic acid (like G-visk or Macroline) can be used. Their filling effect lasts quite long (up to 2 years).

All the techniques described improve the look of a sexy woman and have extremely positive impact on her personal life.


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