Moles removal is an operation that can be classified as an operation in the spheres of both oncology and cosmetology and is aimed at the removal of various skin neoplasms.

To denote this variety of skin neoplasms in daily life we use the word “mole”.

Most of them are benign and don’t pose a threat to our health. Dangerous can be only those that are located in the areas exposed to injury. It can happen when the skin is damaged by some clothing parts (waistband, shoulder straps, collars), by a comb or as a result of frequent and strong insolation (applies to exposed areas of the skin of southern countries inhabitants or sunbathers). In this case, there is a real risk of malignancy (malignancy is the transformation of neoplasm into one of the most dangerous tumors that is called melanoma). Another reason for removing a nevus is a cosmetic defect.

When removing a nevus two opposing factors, as efficacy in general and the cosmetic effect, are always considered. Best results are obtained by surgeons that have in special lasers for skin resurfacing. Depending on the type and location of the neoplasm, either a radical removal or a gradual laser resurfacing can be used.

The main argument in favor of a particular method is the depth of the nevus cells in the skin. The localization of neoplasm and the patient’s feelings about that also play a great role. Intradermal nevi look like spots, sometimes slightly raised above the surface of the skin. They are most easily removed by laser, leaving a barely visible flat scar or a slight change in the skin structure.

More deep-seated nevi are easier to remove surgically leaving a cosmetic scar than with the help of laser. Depending on the size and location of the nevus, a simple excision with the imposition of a linear suture can be used. The defect of the skin can be also eliminated by using a variety of more complex methods, as local plastic or expander dermotension.

During the preparation for the surgery a brief survey is carried out.

No additional treatment is required for the removal of a benign skin neoplasm. All the tissue removed is obligatory sent to histological examination in order to assure the absence of malignancy. In case of confirmation of cancer, the more extensive surgery and radiotherapy or chemotherapy in special cancer establishment are required. It also should be mentioned that sometimes the initial removal of benign skin neoplasms performed by oncologists may lead to poor cosmetic result and requires a more complex re-treatment.


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