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Today minimally invasive facial rejuvenation occupies the principal place of surgical rejuvenation techniques and special attention is paid to the so-called volumetric facial rejuvenation. This concept includes complex processes and procedures designed to boost and replenish the structures of the face being descended by gravity and having lost their original volume and elasticity. Until today the most common ways to rejuvenate the skin was skin tightening. However, the last 15 years with the development of technology the operations have become more and more radical and volumetric. Now it is technically possible to move to and to simulate the full range of soft tissues. During endoscopic skin tightening a surgeon can mobilize all the soft tissues of the face from the bone. These techniques make it possible not only to simply return the look of the young face, but to change the facial features or the eye-shape in case it is necessary.

However, each medal has its dark side and along with impressive results there are growing risks of negative consequences in, the form complications and longer postoperative period. An alternative that is also actively developing the last few years is the range different injection methods. For instance,  introduction of fillers based on hyaluronic acid can postpone surgical correction, but it still doesn’t replace it. No fillers can correct sagging tissue and excess skin, such problems can be solved only by a surgeon.

Surgeons and scientist have been looking for compromises between efficiency and traumatism for a long time. Introduction of various threads to hang fabric has long been known, as well as the fact that the effectiveness of this method is high only within narrow limits. Best patients for such operations are young enough people with good skin tone and lack of excess skin, who are in the initial stage of the omission of the soft tissue.

Currently, the most effective way of minimally invasive rejuvenation is the usage of silhouette- lift threads. This nonabsorbable prolene thread, on which there are adjustably secured some glycol absorbable cones. The threads are held deep in the cheeks fatty tissue above the fascia, what provides a guaranteed absence or palpability or retraction of tissue over it. The cones can be easily moved to one side and support the tissues during the reverse thread tension. Fixing the free end of the thread is made to the fascia of the temporal muscle, the strongest area of the face that is traditionally used for all the suspensory sutures.

Judging by its traumatic risks, such technique can be hardly called an operation, it is rather a surgical procedure, as it can be performed under local anesthesia, and the only trace left on the face is a suture of 1 cm in the hair on the temple. Rehabilitation is very short and may last only for 2-3 days, so this surgery can be called “a weekend-lifting”.

The operation results in a higher position of the tissue of both bulge and cheek area, what corresponds to the image of a younger person, but what is more important is that it doesn’t change the features and expressions of the face that are widespread after major rejuvenating operations. It is quite natural that the question appears: for how long do the achieved results remain? Today there is no personal experience of long-term observations, but the authors of the method report about 4-5 years of positive results. Moreover, the method allows us to strengthen the result simply by moving the point of suture attachment slightly higher.

The simplicity and simplicity of this operation, the absence of post-operative period, and virtually no significant complications makes this method especially attractive in today's world of career-aimed women.


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